How one company is harnessing the power of biomimicry to fight climate change

The White Cliffs of Dover. Photo by Dan Senior on Unsplash

Concrete is one of the most consumed materials in the world, but our dependence on it comes at a cost. The concrete industry accounts for 8 percent of total global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year. Efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of concrete have failed to make a substantial…

XPrize Carbon Removal aims to sequester 10 gigatons of CO2 per year by 2050

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

The XPrize Foundation recently announced the largest prize in its history. The foundation partnered with Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation to offer $100M for innovations designed to reduce carbon dioxide in the air and oceans. Registration for XPrize Carbon Removal begins on Earth Day 2021. The contest aims to…

How scientists track down clues to Earth’s history

Garnet sand beach on Goodenough Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Photo credit: Professor Paul Fitzgerald

Geology is a forensic science. It doesn’t easily lend itself to experimentation, leaving geologists with observation as their primary tool of investigation. Yet our planet is notoriously good at covering its own tracks. If a crime was committed a billion years ago, plate tectonics and erosion have likely removed any…

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your savings

Photo by Micheile Henderson

If you’re self-employed, you already have a lot to worry about besides retirement planning. You fulfill every role in your company from the executive suite to the cleaning crew. Absolutely nothing gets done unless you do it yourself. Most of these roles probably aren’t your specialty either, and tackling them…

Debbie Patskowski

Geoscientist, runner, and writer. I will never stop being curious about the world.

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